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Vermicompost at Squiggle University and the Great Snail Wars of 2012

The first time we met the garden it was more than wild.  It remained wild until a profound thing was said to me, to be a great gardener feed your dirt.  Feed it and turn it into rich soil.  The problem with composting for many is that to generate adequate heat to transform food waste into rich organic matter more space is required than most people have.  Enter Vermicompost, which I’ve touched on very briefly before.  Vermicomposting requires very little space, is tidy enough to be done indoors if space is truly limited.

Vermicomposting is also very fast, 10 weeks, compared to regular Composting which can take 6 months or more.  Vermicomposting requires no turning, only that food be buried under soil (this keeps unwanted guests such as flies from visiting) and the worms will do the rest.  Regular composting also requires watering to the consistency of  a wrung out sponge, again not necessary for Vermicompost where the worms create their own moisture.  Make sure you situate your worms under some shade so they don’t dry out.

Red Bread and our own Test Kitchen keep our worms happy with regular food scrap feedings.  We’ve become quite fond of them and refer to their little corner of the garden as Squiggle University.  We even have a fight song. Continue reading

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