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Spicy Chocolate Mousse for Company

I like to keep a well stocked pantry, or rather “a best as I can” stocked pantry because I believe at any given minute you should be able to whip up something sweet if say guests pop in for an hour or for the weekend.  Sweets just hit every spot even if you didn’t have an itch for anything, they are the ultimate comforter.  That said my mother in law was here this past weekend and we made some delicious food. (As soon as she gets back to me on some ingredient measurements I will share! ) But I was at a loss for dessert.  I haven’t kept my butter stocked because of my current gallstone drama so I was afraid I’d hit a dead end.  But then after some rummaging I found, chocolate, eggs, and spices.  Now I’ve never made chocolate mousse, but I did and it is a snap!  So you can too.

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