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July July July! Jam Giveaway!

Another great week at the Meet! We are always thrilled when we get to spend a day out in the Sun with Venice Folks and talk about good food done right.  This past weekend was no exception as we got deep into conversation with customers about food, in between bites of delicious cookies and jams of course.  Speaking of jams, once again we debuted our newest jams of the season!


This jam calls out for a celebration. Our Champelone jam marries the sweetness of summer melons with the sparkle of our favorite drink, Champagne!  We can’t stop eating it paired with proscuitto and creamy cheeses.  Made with Sugar Cube Melons from Weiser Family Farms, Raw Cane Sugar, Meyer Lemon from Garcia’s Orchards, Champagne and apple it is hard to put down.

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Victory For Beginners or Cultivate Your Dirt

Today there are beets and watermelon sprouting in the garden.  Basil has broken through in the nursery. The tomato and strawberry transplants look full of promise for future fruit.  And the radishes continue to grow ravishingly in the raised beds!  I am helping things grow!  But I get way ahead of myself…

Two years ago I killed three basil plants while in student housing.  We moved and to see what was growing we let our new small garden go to seed for the season…and the next and another one because I had no idea what I was doing.  Until a short time ago, I had not given gardening a second thought.  That there were trees around, flowers blooming and food growing was lost on me, or rather common place.  I like most people, had no real idea what food looked like in its natural state.  The dirt.  A little over a month ago, I took on the LA Victory Garden for Beginners.  And dirt was only the beginning.  Gardening like most things is about paying attention.  With some basic knowledge, a watchful eye and sense of adventure your green thumb will grow.  Let’s cover knowledge here!

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O the Merriment or More than a Few Days Late

A lot of people’s idea of a real Christmas has to involve a tree and (hopefully) snow.  It did for me for a long while back east.  But after having spent a Christmas in the west, I feel very won over by christmas decor hanging on palm trees as I stroll in a light sweater.

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