My name is Rose. I am fascinated with reclaiming lost arts, having culinary adventures, giving back to my community and taking care of the Earth.  In my brief time on this planet I have worn many professional hats and been lucky enough to live or travel to many different countries and see our incredibly rich diversity of culture.   For culture to survive it requires cultivation and engagement  by the people who make up the community.  Food is a large part of any culture, and with proper care food can be powerful medicine for all.  I think a life of learning and taking your time is richly lived.

I invite you to peak into our kitchen.  My hope is that what you find here empowers you to cultivate your life, make something delicious, engage your community and see all the richness that awaits you.

I am a lover of the beautiful so you will see the culture and art of Venice Beach and greater Los Angeles highlighted here as well. Finally I believe in patience.  When we manage to have it, it blossoms with rewards.

“If you are willing to collaborate with tiny beings with somewhat capricious habits and vast transformative powers, read on.”

-Sandor Katz

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