Featured Purveyor: Chivas

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Chivas to the Red Bread eMarket’s ever-growing roster of amazing purveyors. The mother-daughter team from Fillmore, CA has provided us with goat milk soap and laundry detergent, the latter of which is made especially for Red Bread!


“Chivas” means “female goats” in Spanish and thanks to the rich milk from Donna and Lauren’s incredibly adorable French Alpine goats (say hi to Shrek above!), you too can enjoy the benefits of a goat milk-enhanced beauty routine.

Goats milk soap is mild, natural and leaves your skin close to its natural pH level, which is something that can’t be said for detergent-heavy commercial soap. Goats milk also has the added benefits of vitamins A, B, C and D as well as protein, calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are easily absorbed into the skin.

You will never see a bar of Chivas goat soap crack down the middle because it’s made of pure goat milk, with no water added at all. The milk is fresh from Donna and Lauren’s goats, never powdered or canned. There are no synthetic fragrances, colorants or chemical preservatives.

While everyone can benefit from the blessedly lovely cleaning power of goat milk soap, it is especially good for those with sensitive skin, psoriasis or eczema, thanks to its gentle and moisturizing qualities. That’s why baby goats are so soft. Swear.

And if goat’s milk soap can do all of that for your skin, think of what it can do for your clothes! It’s worth mentioning that laundry detergent typically contains things like toxic phenols, optical brighteners, bleach, surfactants and fragrance, which are hazardous enough without reacting to each other. Sure, it smells like your clothes were washed in air freshener, but do you really want to swaddle yourself in a blanket of chemicals? Want to know the ingredients of Chivas’ Fragrance Free Old-Fashioned Laundry Soap? It’s just goat milk soap, washing soda and borax.

You love your clothes, so why not show them some love? The better you treat your nice things, the nicer they’ll look in the long run. And did we mention that Chivas made their amazing Old-Fashioned Fragrance Free Laundry Shop just for Red Bread’s eMarket? Yeah, we’re cool like that.

And if all that weren’t enough, Chivas gives back to The Nomad Foundation, sources their Shea Butter from a Fair Trade women’s cooperative in Togo, Africa, and like Red Bread, they maintain a low carbon footprint in their production and 100% Recycled paper packaging. What’s not to love?

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