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Featured Purveyor: Plow and Gun

We are thrilled to introduce to the Red Bread eMarket our first featured purveyor: Plow and Gun Coffee! Hand-crafted in Southern California, this seasonal single-origin coffee is roasted and prepared with a perfectionism bordering on obsession.  We’ve been hooked ever since they showed us the roasting ropes!
Plow and Gun roasts only one coffee at a time, designing the roast to bring out what’s best about that coffee. The origin will change every few months as different regions come into season.  Currently Plow and Gun is roasting Colombia Buesaco, their second offering from the Nariño region. The coffee exhibits the classic floral aromatics of great Colombian coffees, and has a distinct green-apple sweetness that melts into caramel notes as the cup cools.

Besides the coffee being amazing we are a sucker for a good story!  Plow and Gun is inspired by the 1862 invention of the same name, a combination plow and gun for the utility of the farmer under assault. As Plow and Gun explains, “it was not so much the invention itself, but the ideas behind it: that the frontier is hard work and dangerous. That unique problems require unique solutions. That with rugged tools, courage, and ingenuity, one can carve out a little place for himself.”

We couldn’t agree more.  So drink up, you have seeds to sow and fields to guard.  Get it delivered to your door this week.

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