July July July! Jam Giveaway!

Another great week at the Meet! We are always thrilled when we get to spend a day out in the Sun with Venice Folks and talk about good food done right.  This past weekend was no exception as we got deep into conversation with customers about food, in between bites of delicious cookies and jams of course.  Speaking of jams, once again we debuted our newest jams of the season!


This jam calls out for a celebration. Our Champelone jam marries the sweetness of summer melons with the sparkle of our favorite drink, Champagne!  We can’t stop eating it paired with proscuitto and creamy cheeses.  Made with Sugar Cube Melons from Weiser Family Farms, Raw Cane Sugar, Meyer Lemon from Garcia’s Orchards, Champagne and apple it is hard to put down.


We can’t get enough of Rhubarb, so of course we jammed it!  Our Rhubarberry Jam is deliciously tart with large bites of rhubarb. We make it with just a handful of strawberries to let the Rhubarb really sing.  It is a hit spread on a roast chicken sandwhich with mixed greens.  Made with Rhubarb, Raw Cane Sugar, Strawberries, Meyer Lemon from Garcia’s Orchards and Vanilla.

And with the introduction of new jams…you guessed it!  Another giveaway: a jar of our Champelone Jam! Enter to win by leaving a comment with your dream jam flavor. You must be a Los Angeles Resident to enter.  Winner will be picked Friday at Midnight.  Happy Winning!



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3 responses to “July July July! Jam Giveaway!

  1. Thanks for a chance at the great jam flavors. I love blackberry, raspberry and strawberry all mixed up together in a jam. So excellent on winter mornings with hot tea and fresh toasted bread and butter. Mmmmm…

  2. It’s not a surprise to you that rhubarb is by far my favorite! I can’t get enough! 🙂

  3. CONGRATULATIONS EMILY SALSER YOU WON JAM! Email hello@redbreadbakery.com to claim your prize

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