Under the Supermoon

I have a history of taking us on vacation to beautiful places with chaotic and sometimes traumatic results.  We have great vacation horror stories to delight and amuse.  So this vacation I was not in charge, not even aware of the plan till it was already underway.  And it was bliss.  I have been (ecstatically!) permanently demoted to mere vacation goer.

Tips For A Restful Vacation:

1.  Wake up late.  Walk outside breathing clean air deeply.   Try to not look stunned and giddy at all the beauty and fruit growing all around you.

2.  Fall madly in love with pink pepper.  The pepper trees are old stalwarts of Ojai, to the point that most locals no longer think of them in epicurean terms but as the pink things they can’t keep off their car.  I picked them gingerly from a few wild trees along the trail, day dreaming of cooking and baking pink pepper corns into everything.  By the time I had a small bundle, my hands and hair smelled of soft spicy heat from burying myself in the branches.  In addition to being delicious, these rosy rounds are proven to be a wonderful antidepressants and pain relievers.

3.  Spend time with your family. Preferably by playing chess in the middle of a hiking trail, while your hairier family member confronts his fear of the sweet babbling brook nearby.  Don’t worry Teddy bested the 6″ deep river.

Walking home from our longest hike to head out of town we stumbled on the Supermoon as it broke the horizon.  I gasped and like a child reached out to grab the luminous saucer that seemed so foreign at this massive scale.  It lit up the night and left us full of wonder.

Here’s hoping you danced wildly, hooping and hollering into the night also.


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  1. The best part of this post is that Teddy looks super proud of himself. Also, lovely photos, Rose. 😀

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