Renegades and Carrot Top Tea

Last weekend the Los Angeles Bread Baker‘s hosted a Renegade Bake Sale in Echo Park to support AB 1616, the California Cottage Food Law.  Over the course of the day the Los Angeles Bread Baker’s raised over $3,000 to support the Cottage Food Law!  Bread, cookies, jams, pizzas, scones and gluten free alternatives were laid out across 8 tables in a massive banquet showcasing the incredible home artisan talent in Los Angeles.

Despite all the baked goodies and preserved treats available, I found myself spending all my time (when I wasn’t behind the table handing off hot bread!)  by the beverage queen.  Hibiscus Tea, classic black and cucumber water could be enjoyed straight or combined with rosemary infused syrup, lemon verbana infused syrup….and 4 others I never had the chance to try since Rosemary in Hibiscus snared me from the minute it hit my lips!  Since the event I can’t stop making 50/50 infused syrups to add to my favorite teas over ice.  The beauty of 50/50 syrups is they can be added cold and combine instantly.

Carrot Top Tea

What You Need:

2 bunches of carrot top greens, discard any yellow or brown

32 oz, or a big pitcherful of water

What You Need To Do:

Rinse and pat dry carrot greens.  Bring water to boil in a kettle or pot.  Pour water over carrot greens in a pitcher and allow to steep until water comes to room temp, about an hour.  Drink as is, tea will have all the flavor of carrot juice (and nutrients!) but light as water.

Note:  You can sweeten this with a 50/50 mix of sweetener to water and infuse with any herb you’d like.  I’d suggest a 50/50 raw cane sugar water mix.  Warmed water will help sugar dissolve.  Once dissolved add a sprig of mint and let infuse for 15 mins.  Lightly add to carrot tea for a slightly sweet cooling treat.

Wishing you beautiful days.  Full of Color.

 The California Homemade Food Act was introduced in the California State Assembly on February 8, 2012 by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles). This cottage food law will finally allow people in California to legally sell many goods they make at home! Most other states already have these laws on the books, but California is woefully behind. The Cottage Food Law has made traction in the State Assembly but can always use more support!  As an individual, the best thing YOU and EVERYONE can do is write your state Senator and Assemblyman asking them to co-author AB1616.  A sample letter can be found following the link.  The more co-authors the further this bill will get along.  As a business, if you would like to endorse the cottage food law contact the Sustainable Economics Law Center for an endorsement letter as well as the opportunity to doante directly.   If all goes well it will be signed into law in summer, effective January next year!

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