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Rocking the Meet and Kicking Out New Jams (Giveaway)

Red Bread recently popped up at The Venice Meet in May.  It was wonderful to be out in the community and meet so many new Venice folk!  We had our Garlic and Beer Baguettes out, and premiered a Classic Half Loaf.  A young french man stopped by to tell us there was only disappointing bread to be found in the city.  After tasting Red Bread, we received congratulations and comparisons to his hometown in France.  Then he had an Apple Cake, and  it was better than the cakes his mother made when he was a child! We are always thrilled when food can take you places.

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I am obsessed with pickles right now.  Counter space is being steadily lost to the army of jars containing pickling experiments: carrots, beet steams, watermelon rind, herbs oh my!.  However, the cucumber, the most well known vegetable in America to pickle is missing.  For me a cucumber pickle has to be fermented or it tastes dull and limp. Vinegar never seems to be able to match that  unique tang and fizz that comes from a properly brined cucumber.

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Under the Supermoon

I have a history of taking us on vacation to beautiful places with chaotic and sometimes traumatic results.  We have great vacation horror stories to delight and amuse.  So this vacation I was not in charge, not even aware of the plan till it was already underway.  And it was bliss.  I have been (ecstatically!) permanently demoted to mere vacation goer.

Tips For A Restful Vacation:

1.  Wake up late.  Walk outside breathing clean air deeply.   Try to not look stunned and giddy at all the beauty and fruit growing all around you.

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Renegades and Carrot Top Tea

Last weekend the Los Angeles Bread Baker‘s hosted a Renegade Bake Sale in Echo Park to support AB 1616, the California Cottage Food Law.  Over the course of the day the Los Angeles Bread Baker’s raised over $3,000 to support the Cottage Food Law!  Bread, cookies, jams, pizzas, scones and gluten free alternatives were laid out across 8 tables in a massive banquet showcasing the incredible home artisan talent in Los Angeles.

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