April Walks and Venice Sisters: A Force for Good Under 10





Venice Sisters: A Force For Good Under 10

Usually when I go out walking around Venice, I pay attention to texture, color and nature.  Sometimes I come across something unexpected and wonderful, which was the case the other day when I stumbled upon a classic looking Lemonade Stand tended to by three lovely young ladies called the Venice Sisters (Like here).  Upon closer inspection I found there was fresh lemonade, cookies and all natural organic (delicious!) body care items the sisters had crafted.

Crayon drawn signs informed customers of items and price, payment was taken with their iPad via Square for your convenience.  I didn’t think I could be more impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit, classic innovation, well packaged products and tech savvy of Venice Sisters, but then the youngest sister (age 5) informed me of the many charities and goodwill efforts they support with their sales.  The Venice Sisters in true pop-up store fashion sell their wares from their stoop when it’s beautiful out, which lucky for Venice Residents is often.  I am incredibly proud to share Venice with fellow social justice based endeavors.  I hope  I can catch them on the stoop again! And ladies if you ever need cookies, Red Bread‘s got you covered.


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