An April Fools Birthday

A year ago this week we adopted the most incredible dog and named him Theodore Roosevelt.  Teddy is so handsome, more people in Venice recognize him than either of us.  We are the people with THE dog.  I am totally ok with this.  Teddy is THE dog.  He is every perfect stereotype. He loves fire hydrants.  Gets in Warner Brothers Cartoon worthy fights with squirrels, butterflies and rabbits.  He cannot decide who he wants to chase down or bark louder at:  the Mail Man or the UPS Man.  Once he saw a representative of both and was literally paralyzed with indecision.  The Fedex guy is cool though, he slips Teddy treats.

He has survived two brushes with death.  He loves walking on rocks.  He sleeps most of the day away only to do acrobatics when his leash is brought out.  Oh!  And he has the world’s worst breath.  To
address this last inconvenient accolade, I make him Potato Mints.

Potato Mints

1 sweet potato

2 tablespoon finely torn fresh mint

Preheat oven to 170.  Slice sweet potato into 1/8 inch rounds.  Place in a sling layer on a baking sheet.  Bake in oven for several hours until dried out.  I like to bake it for an hour at night, turn it off and the residual heat from the oven is enough to dry out the sweet potatoes overnight.  Crush mint leaves wit the back of spoon, and shred with fingers.  Place mint and dried potato chips into bag and shake vigorously.  Reach in and grab a treat whenever your buddy’s breath smells rank.

Teddy gobbles these up.  The sweet potatoes are great fiber for this old dog and the mint really does banish the bad breath.  I made him a big batch for April Fools.  I hope you have a furry friend to share these with.  Happy Birthday boy!


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