Good Food Day LA and Lady Caraway Kraut

Los Angeles, get your bottoms outside for Good Food Day LA!  There are events all over town by incredible organizations to educate and share Good Food with YOU.  Did I mention feed you?  The Cabbage Contest: From Kimchee to Coleslaw is going on downtown.  Make it out today and you could have  a taste of this little number.  The beautiful, the fermented, The Lady Caraway Kraut.

Here is hoping for a win!

Lady Caraway Kraut

Recipe by Rose Lawrence, Baker and Founder of Red Bread

4 Red Cabbage

4 Green Cabbage

6 Pink Lady Apples

Sea Salt

Caraway Seeds

Shred Cabbage and cut apples into 1/8 inch slices.  In a large metal bowl combine a layer of cabbage and apples, sprinkle with salt and caraway seeds.  Continue adding layers of cabbage and apples, sprinkling with sea salt and caraway seed, until there is no more left.  Place a large dinner plate upside down on the mixture and apply pressure.  Weigh it down with a glass gallon jug filled with water. Cover with cloth to keep flies away and allow to ferment.  In 24 hours the brine should be visibly released from the cabbage and rise above the plate.  If not add more salt water, 1 tablespoon salt to 1 cup water until brine is above plate.  Allow to ferment 3 days, bubbles will appear all along the surface.  Pack in 8 oz or 16 oz jars, making sure brine is above the cabbage level.  Store at room temperature to further ferment or place in fridge to slow fermentation down.

Enjoy with a fresh Brat!

UPDATE:  Got through the first round, but lost out to some AMAZING Fermented Kimchi Chips.  Must make!  More photos of Good Food Day including the winning dish can be seen here.


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