Anatomy of a Knife and Yo Venice!

We are busy as bees this Spring!

I have started the UCLA Master Preserver Program.  I am so excited to take my passion for pickling, jamming and fermenting to Master status.  I fully intend to take you along for the ride as well.  First stop, anatomy of a knife!  The knife is one of man’s oldest tools, in fact we named our historic ages after the material used to make knives; Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, etc.  Knives were not widely used for dining until the Middle Ages and we’ve never looked back.  In modern times, knives are incredibly versatile.  The heel can be used for mincing in what is known as the rock n’ chop motion.  The butt is great for smashing herbs and peppercorns.  Check out other basic knife skills here.


Red Bread is now available for Breakfast at Deus Ex Machina Emporium for Post Modern Activities on the Corner of Lincoln and Venice!  Ride in for a Flat White (I am addicted) made with Handsome Coffee and Red Bread Toast.  Your choice of our signature sourdoughs: Roasted Garlic, Classic, Russian Black Bread and NEW Aussie Beer Bread.  Parking lot in rear.



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2 responses to “Anatomy of a Knife and Yo Venice!

  1. Gahhh I am so jealous! I applied for the Master Preserver program but didn’t get in. It was super competitive this year! I’ll have to get all the inside scoop from you.

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