Pastry Appreciation: A Perfect Croissant.

A short visual lessons in appreciating pastry perfection.

The Perfect Croissant:

Should have what seems like hundreds of layers spinning round each other, all visible from the side.

Should be decadent and buttery but light and airy.

Should be made with the highest quality butter and a hi gluten flour.

Should be baked quickly at high heat.

If all of these are true then the croissant will pass the Test.

The Test

Step 1

Approach your Pastry

Step 2

Grab hold of the wings (end pieces on either side of the croissant) and pull.  The “meat”  should come out clean, fluffy and steaming while the center remains true to its shape.

Step 3

Admire the arch.  Or use it as a monocle, for you are Baron Von Bread!  Just me?

Step 4

Get carried away by how delicious and fun this test is to administer.  Ah well, there is always a decadent bread pudding to be made!

Red Bread‘s Croissants pass every time.

Happy Morning!



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4 responses to “Pastry Appreciation: A Perfect Croissant.

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If you need additional testers, I will happily participate next time …

  3. You are always welcome Bowen!

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