O the Merriment or More than a Few Days Late

A lot of people’s idea of a real Christmas has to involve a tree and (hopefully) snow.  It did for me for a long while back east.  But after having spent a Christmas in the west, I feel very won over by christmas decor hanging on palm trees as I stroll in a light sweater.

No snow is needed here in Los Angeles.  And no tree either.  For the past couple of years my husband and I have had a small Charlie Brown-esque tree to decorate and pile small presents underneath.  This year rummaging in the storage, we discovered that our beloved tree did not make it through our most recent move to the beach.  So we had a christmas lamp!!  No, not the Christmas Story Lamp.  Although we do have one, but rightly decided it belonged in the office.  We converted a stacked driftwood lamp we picked up in Savannah into a Christmas Tree.  I am unsure it should be any other way.

My favorite part of the season was spent a little further north, in beloved San Francisco among the jolly O’Malley clan.  A big warm hearted family that allowed us to join in all the festive wonder.  Complete with a home visit from Santa at his best.

It’s a rare occasion when I am not the one who has cooked what appears here.  It is a rare occasion when I am not the one who cooks!  So it was a treat to sit back and watch wonderful treats come out of the oven.  Many flavored and colored pizzas next to a Christmas Goose, neavue and tradition sat well together.

I feel very thankful for the time spent with a large joyous family.  I felt very much like the Cratchits eating goose surrounded by so many people.  We even had a Tiny Tim!

What I wouldn’t have given for a small crutch for this dapper little man.  It was a wonderful years end and a new year has begun.  I wish nothing but wonder to all.  Keep your eyes and hearts open, anything can happen anything can be.


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