Dumbarton Oaks or A Lovely Gray Day

I have been traveling you see.  I recommend wandering every now and then.

Dumbarton Oaks is a beautiful garden in Georgetown, D.C.  In the roughly 10 years I lived near the nation’s capital, I didn’t know it existed and I was the worst for it.  It is an English garden, all stone fountains, balconies and pastoral flower scenes.  It is full of the serenity that only English gardens can give you.

It reminded me fiercely of the gardens at the governor’s palace in Williamsburg, VA.  And made me miss my alma mater.  There is a fairytale quality to all of Dumbarton Oaks, made more dramatic by the wood work of sculptor Patrick Dougherty.  Something romantic, foreboding, active in these woods.

We wandered around for hours discovering treasurers.  Single wooden seats recessed into groves, a mosaic of Bacchus in hedonistic glory overlooking the swimming pool set among the roses, an unexpected bamboo forest, tress ladened with golden pears, staircases and pathways leading nowehere more important than dense forest in full fall bloom.

I learned my mother played tic-tac-toe against one of the first computers at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City.  It took up a whole room.  This is only one of several incredible things my mom is always randomly telling me she has done, everyday even now I learn something new.  It takes a lot of living to be always surprising those around you.


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