First Birthday

In the three years we have been together, my husband and I have never been around for each others birthday until this year.  I almost made it last year, but a class (I eventually dropped) interfered.  This year ALMOST got away from me!  As David would be returning on the day of his birthday.  He was sent off with strict orders on the last day to leave early and drive straight home!  We went to Nic’s for dinner and had an amazing time.  The booze was wonderful, the food great, the D.J. stupendous! David has gifted me a wonderful taste for dirty martini’s and oysters and steak.  Oh my!  It was a very rare indulgence and a true celebration.

So I made a cake.  A red velvet cake, with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries in the middle, and vanilla frosting. Sugar-Free, whole grained and (almost) dairy free.  Why?  Because I just had to try the recipe for red delicious cake from Babycakes.  I added a chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting made with coconut oil.

Verdict ?  Delicious.  Surprisingly delicious.  But in the end I had to come to terms with the fact that I love milk, cream and eggs.  (I will joyfully swap coconut oil for butter most every time, it tends to behave identically and is crazy better for you as your body uses it for energy rather than storing it up.  Make a standard cream cheese frosting recipe, with the butter swapped out for coconut oil, swoon.) And I am not allergic to milk, cream and eggs.  SO I am going to KEEP my milk, cream and eggs.

I am already dreaming of the chocolate peanut butter sin I will make for the big 30, next year…

**If you are  allergic to dairy, gluten and sugar I can not recommend the cookbook enough!  Babycakes is a great bakery, but more importantly the recipes are really easy to follow and taste yummy.  She gives multiple instructions for what flours and sweeteners can and can not be swapped in a recipe and what for, allowing you to choose to keep a recipe gluten free, sugar free or mixed.  My only wish is that she did the same for the dairy replacements in the book, some ingredients were hard to find or uneconomical to make considering the yield of the recipe.



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2 responses to “First Birthday

  1. MmmMMmMM! This looks wonderful, and makes me sad we missed David’s birthday celebration! Glad you’re trying babycakes recipes. I agree it’s difficult to bake w/o eggs… I sacrificed wheat flour, but can’t sacrifice the eggs!

    • Rose

      it’s less about difficulty and more about taste haha i often make things without eggs for the same reason! when is supper club:)

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