All our fears lie in anticipation

The waiting is the worst.  I’ve been waiting to make something fabulous, something worthy of a post.  And so I have kept you waiting as well. It is increasingly my belief that all things come in cycles.  Life always seems to come all at once, lots of good then bad and then good once more.  The bad-if you pay attention-provides room for growth, reflection, redirection or recommitment, creativity, the belief in good again moves you through it.  Good things from the kitchen obey this law as well.  And here in my little kitchen, we are in a bit of a downturn.  I have been improvising in my baking.  The very sentence may strike fear into peoples hearts, at least baking peoples.  And well, everything I make seems to have a slight flaw.  Pistachio Macarons with Chocolate Ganache that spread but tasted divine.  Banana Caramel Espresso Muffin with Walnuts that are fat free but heartier.  A fact, I don’t mind but it has been noted by my resident taste tester.  My every hope is to come out the other side of the heat, with the perfect treat.   The kind of treat that takes someone someplace, they close their eyes for a second, put their lips together and let out a satisfied mMmMmMmMmmmmm.  Entree or Desert.

I fall more in love with my beat up old camera everyday.

It has been another wild month in a wild year out west.


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  1. Rose! I know exactly what you mean. I was on a baking roll for a while.. everything I made was amazing! But recently my baked goods haven’t gone quite as planned. You gotta know that the good is often followed by the bad. Keep at it, and keep baking! Also, I love the photos 😉

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