My Mister was Away and The Games We Played

I think we are both going to have to admit something.  There will be lulls in my blogging.  The culprits:

1)  I have begun to use my film camera more.  And I LOVE IT.  There is an undeniable soul to film that is lost in digital, or at the very least has yet to be achieved.  Unfortunately, without a dark room on hand, film can take a few days to develop. And frankly, I am more than a little backed up at the moment.  This seems as good as any to tell you what equipment I use on this blog, as it seems a common questions.  I use a low tech digital Canon and a old film  Nikon.  I photograph in natural light (whenever I can) and whatever catches my eye.

2)  I am still a cook in training, self educating.  And with that comes numerous disasters.  The ones where the kitchen hand towel lights on fire, a bag of rice is completely up ended unto the floor and many many many promising sounding, delicious smelling recipes taste JUST AWFUL.  Especially on my experimenting days.  I can’t count the number of things I have confidently dove into only to end up with something inedible, especially recently. I suppose I could be discouraged (it is so easy to be discouraged in the beginning of all things new) but mistakes are the best way to learn so I have foraged ahead.  Failure and improvisation are the greatest teachers.  And in my cooking rut some gems have emerged, but I am no fool and know as I continue in my adventures in cooking ruts will be a plenty.

3)  I’ve gone on a lot of trips recently.  This last reason has been the amazing.  David and I recently ran away to Joshua Tree and then the very next weekend while he went off to Gettysburg, I ran away with my dearest friend Liz to magical San Francisco.  Prepare yourself for my love affair with the city by the bay.  Needless to say I have a million things to share over the next few days.

The retelling of my adventures may have to be forever out of order (see reason number 1), but with the hubby coming home tomorrow…well I thought I’d tell you how I spent the first day apart.

The epic oil painting continues to develop.  It is now nine months of age, I wonder if it will make it to its first birthday before it is finished.  Thus far it has been a tremendous lesson in patience and experimentation.  It’s a mixture of love and utter frustration, as much as I would expect from any child.

It is the first time we’ve been apart since we married, and I know no other way of keeping a home warm then by throwing a last minute dinner party.  And I had just been gifted the most beautiful and swollen-with-the-very -color-purple figs!  Glorious figs.  I had big dreams, but in the end I couldn’t bare to mess with the subtle delicious taste too much.  So may I humbly suggest…

Fig Glory Bites

from my unending love of figs

4 Fresh Figs

sourdough mini loaf or baguette

goat cheese

raw honey

green peppercorns, cracked

I had a wonderful mini loaf of fig and nut sourdough from the Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market, but I believe this would be just as good with a sourdough based baguette.  Slice bread very thinly, toast in a 450 degree oven for 10 mins or just enough for them to toast and stiffen a bit.  Slice small pieces of goat cheese, top with thin slices of fresh fig.  Drizzle raw honey. Crack green peppercorns overtop.  Serve to friends at dinner parties AND as a decadent car snack as you drive up the CA 101 with the wind in your hair.

Note:  You could use any honey, but I can not recommend Really Raw Honey enough.  For its amazing taste but also its amazing health benefits from being unprocessed and did I mention delicious???

Oh and ALWAYS ALWAYS play Settlers of Catan deep into the night with dear friends.

It is as true today as it was when you were 10, board games are awesome.


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