An Ending and Venice Love

This week is my last week of law school.  Sure I still have exams but that is a whole other celebration.  I’ve been taking classes for three years, it always felt pretty endless and yet it flew by.  At least this year did. It has been a great reward to study law, I feel like I was given spy glasses and now I can see the inner gears of how to get things done in the world.  I’ve loved it, rebelled against it, questioned my attendance constantly, told other not to go, found incredible opportunity and worth.  It has been a very interesting ride.  It feels surreal that it is ending and so much else is beginning.  So I took stock this weekend; spent time reading the newspaper in the garden with my husband, went to yoga, read about gardening…anything I wanted to do really.  Most importantly I  spent some time with friends over a good meal.  I love a family of friends for the holidays and making new traditions of it.

In the end though the star of the weekend was the weather, Venice was never so beautiful. See my little home is where I sleep in a little piece of paradise.  We are four blocks from the mighty Pacific ocean and the Venice Boardwalk with all its riff and rabble, it breathes expression.   I thought it was a perfect time to introduce you to the city I adore. My lady Venice….

Everyday I see new graffiti and art rising up on the walls of my fair lady.  I love being part of a community that feels like it is constantly embracing life, even if on its fringes.  There are no chain stores allowed in its limits. Small businesses abound behind residential walls, community centers bustle with activity, Zach Galifianak’s is wearing his scooter helmet with no scooter in sight everyday (among other resident celebrity oddities), and it’s almost always sunny.

Venice was founded in 1905, originally an ocean side amusement modeled after its Italian namesake.  Many of the roads were canals with gondolas transporting visitors.  Sadly the majority have been paved over, though a few survive. ( They are on my list to photograph!)  There were amusement piers and attractions to keep you busy all day.  One of the things I love about Venice these days are the many inward facing pedestrian only pathways that shelter homes and yards.  My favorite is a stretch just a few blocks from our house, where you can walk for twenty minutes without the distraction of traffic.  Along the way you will see the fences change dramatically from house to house in a long winding row, and a multicolored caterpillar.  There are houses whose big perfect climbing trees are strewn with colored glass lanterns, that when turned on at night give the feeling of a steamy night on the bayou.  Or a house half made of glass, that allows the passerby to see into a vast library.  And another with ivy climbing up its rough stones dotted with mosaic tiles that spell out french words of whimsy and blessing.

The people are constantly innovative with homes, business, transport and themselves.  I have never seen more creative fashion.  I mean look at this guy,  this guy has absolute style.

I love walking this city with my camera and documenting it’s magical bits and people.  And I will share them here with you as time goes on, mixed in with food or on their own.  For Venice, she is lovely.

As an aside, I would like to share my personal excitement about these photos.  I am using my old manual Nikon FM250, that uses film.  Film!  In a  world where increasingly no one knows how to develop it, except that guy on Rose who charges an arm and a leg for his craft.  I dream of this camera and this lens.  OH MAN DO I DREAM.  But until I can make that dream come true, I am enjoying having my film developed and being surprised by great pictures I had forgotten about.


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  1. May I suggest, with love, that you start dreaming of this lens instead:

    Happy photographing! I love seeing the fruits of your labors.

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