Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

A new and quickly becoming beloved friend, due to the fact that he is among a handful that will let me talk to him endlessly about food, alerted me to the fact that April is Grilled Cheese Month! And here I thought Earth Day and Easter had the only real claims to this dewy spring month. After checking out the Wisconsin Cheese Advisory, which is filled with endless ways to use cheese as one would hope, I spent the night dreaming about a melty savory buttery and warm sandwich. Because truly what is better than cheese?? Dreams are practically made of it, or at least mine.

Cheese and I weren’t always friends, as a kid I shunned most dairy and cheese was my chosen nemesis. I outgrew this in the most lovely way, by taking an impromptu weekend trip to Paris (10€) when I was studying in Spain in my college days. Brie was my first love and my heart remains true. But I’ve warmed to just about everything, and now cheese and I are involved in a hot love affair that shows no signs of stopping. Except American because I am not convinced it qualifies as a cheese. Needless to say I didn’t grow up with this classic of childhood. But my inner child ached for it bad, plus I am notoriously excitable about holidays and celebrations. So I took it as my first foodie challenge. I rummaged the fridge (and Garden, but more about that soon!) and came up with a sandwich I encourage you to celebrate by eating. Immediately if you know whats good for little you!

Grilled 3 Cheese Veggie or Bacon (or both!) Sandwich

What you need:

Blue Chese Crumbles

Cheddar Cheese

Swiss Cheese

1 Tomato

Bunch of Spinach

Sprigs Fresh Garlic Chives (Optional)

Garlic (Optional)

Bacon (Optional)

Olive Oil

Good Bread (I used a 9 seed from Whole Foods Bakery)

What you need to do:

In a skillet fry bacon till crispy, set aside. Slice tomatoes thinly, quickly sear each side a very hot skillet, set aside.

Lower heat on skillet to medium, add olive oil (enough to just coat bottom) sautée spinach with finely minced garlic chives and garlic until they begin to wilt and are tender, set aside.

If you have a grill press, place sandwich on grill, on a medium/low heat and cook till cheese starts to ooze. SERVE Hot.

If you DON’T have a grill press. Lower heat on skillet to med-low, butter bread sides that will be face down on skillet. Place first piece of bread on skillet, layer swiss, blue cheese crumbles, and cheddar cheese. Top with sautéed spinach mixture. Top with seared sliced tomatoes. Top with finally piece of bread, butter side up. Press down firmly on sandwich. Cover with a glass lid and cook on low, flipping and pressing firmly occasionally until cheese appears very melted and bread has browned in butter slightly. SERVE Hot.

Note: Buttering bread rather than pan will help butter not burn and insure the delicious coating on the sandwich. Searing ingredients, shredding cheese and using a lid all help to make sure that the sandwich melts evenly and keeps heat in.

Wife Style

Hubby Style

Delicious. Happy Grilled Cheese Month!

I’d like to open up this space to challenges! My husband has already asked for a good granola, and my need to make everyone smile with a baked good has me researching vegan options. What do you wish you had a delicious recipe for but can’t seem to find anything that sounds right?
I will make it!


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