Hash or Bragging

The man can cook, it boggles my mind how he can repeatedly turn a fridge that I see as unbearably empty into a brunch for friends in under an hour. This gift means he is the uncontested king of food renewal.  Leftovers have new life in his hands.  So when we had way more than we needed of the  tasty pot roast from the other night, I found myself staring at  it 2 days later wondering what to do.  Meanwhile David had already started pulling pots and pans.  I swooned a little.

So I present Hash.  Something David does very very well.



What you will need:

Leftover Meat

Leftover Potatoes

Leftover Onions

Garlic (optional)

Sea Salt and Pepper

Oil (any oil can be used, peanut is best)

What you can add:

Sausage or other Meat

More baked or fried Potatoes

More raw Onions

What you need to do:

Place ingredients in a food processor, and chop till they become somewhat uniform.  Put oil in pan, just enough to coat the bottom, you don’t want any to pool.  If using garlic, mince and saute in oil for a minute.  Add meat, onions and potatoes mixture.  Press it out so that it is flat and covers the bottom of your pan, cook for 10 mins. Mix up, re-flatten, cook for another 10 mins.  Repeat, until most moisture has been evaporated and contents have browned.  Time will vary depending on the amount you are cooking.  Crack sea salt and pepper over Hash.

In my opinion Hash and a soft style cooked egg are a marriage made in heaven.  So serve with an over easy, sunny side up or poached egg. Perhaps some simple sauteed spinach on the side?

or a wedge salad like we did! Any excuse for Bacon, right? 😉

This recipe is infinitely adaptable to any meat you have in the fridge so put it into rotation!


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